Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday wishlist: Owl-together now

Baby owls. Right up there with baby squirrels and baby seals. A screechingly cute video titled Lovely Owl was doing the rounds via YouTube last week. And it got me thinking about owls.

WEBBED FEAT: The eponymous Lovely Owl has become a YouTube sensation
Barn owl as Gaeilge is 'scréachóg reilige', which translates into 'graveyard screecher'. Spooky! 

The Irish owl (there are three species) are November's species of the month on the info-packed website

They are also the avian of choice in the interiors world, where they're having a bit of moment. 

I have one in my sitting room, thanks to a cushion my mother bought me. The owl is perching on my Eames rocker, a present to myself after finishing a pretty tough post-graduate course.

NIGHT WATCH: My owl cushion sits prettily on the Eames rocker

1. Vintage fabric owl cushion

The owl cushion above (€22 plus €3.60 for delivery in Ireland) is available in lots of colourways (and there's some owl bags too) from the Galway-based Away With the Fairies.

FEATHERED FRIENDS: These owl cushions are among the
selection available from Away with the Fairies

2. Ceramic Owl Coin Bank

I remember an old insurance company radio advert that had an owl as a brand mascot (two-eight, two-eight, two-oh, anyone?). This wise owl with a rather fearsome expression from Etsy's Modclay also has finance on his mind. You can save up using the lovely turquoise Vintage Ceramic Owl Coin Bank (approx €20.10 plus delivery).

HAVE A HOOT SAVING: Turquoise Ceramic Owl Coin Bank
by Modclay
3. Donna Wilson Owl Cushion

Designer Donna Wilson has an eye for the quirky and this owl cushion (available in a number of colours) is on sale at Dublin design shop No Fixed Abode for €70 (plus €6 delivery). Made from 100 per cent lambs' wool, it's very tactile like much of her collection.

FOR YOUNG AND OWL: Donna Wilson's Owl Cushion

For more owl-related goods, see the lovely round-up created by Apartment Therapy earlier this month.