Monday, November 7, 2011

Bird's eye

Every once in a while the other half picks up a cardboard tube with poster inside. The location might be under the bed or in the very much misnamed 'study' (read second bedroom wasteland). He tuts and waves it around accusingly. Another unframed print lies inside, waiting for that special day where a number of things will happen - a suitable frame shall be purchased, the framed print will lean against a specially selected spot of wall, before being hung on a perfectly painted in a room which is *finished*.

While I should be looking into getting electrical jobs done, I have stumbled upon the work of Midlands-based illustrator Alan Nagle of Yellowhammer Illustration. He has created a stunning collection focusing on Irish wildlife, including some winter-themed illustrations. The Yellowhammer Illustration website lead me to his Etsy shop and I used his Facebook page discount to purchase one of his 25 limited edition A4 Swallows Giclee Prints (below).

FEATHERED FRIEND: Coming to a wall near me soon

 I also love his Pheasant Giclee Print...

While writing I discovered that his work is also available at the excellent Irish Design Shop, including this beautiful A3 Otter Giclee Print.

Looking forward to the postman delivering the Swallows print! Then it's straight into frame, unlike the inhabitants under my bed.

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