Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Front runner

Maybe it's because I used to watch BBC's Changing Rooms obsessively during my teens, but I love a good set of 'before and after' photos. I will be posting up some of my new wardrobes in the coming days.

Via the Guardian, I love how the architect and clients of this London home eschewed re-creating a pastiche of the original Victorian home that stood on the site and instead took direction from its '70s reincarnation to create a sensational 2011 home.

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: The house was rebuilt in the '70s
HOUSE ABOUT IT: How it looks now
I particularly like the lower ground extension at the front of the house, with its huge sunlight and grassed roof. My own (much more modest) home sits on a slope, maybe the solution would be to extend front and under, rather than back and above?

See all the photos (interior and exterior) at the link below:


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