Friday, November 18, 2011

Pugs and kisses for my new neighbour

He's definitely the smallest resident of our terrace. And the cutest too.

His arrival last weekend was much anticipated and I got to meet the man himself during the week. He is nine weeks old.

This is Bunsen, the pug puppy who belongs to my neighbours, Aeveen and Owen. Incidentally, their stunning house is one of my favourite places to get inspiration for what my home could someday be like.

Anyway, back to Bunsen. I am lost for words to describe how amazingly cute he is. These beautiful photos taken by owner Owen convey how adorable he is.

FURRY CUTE INDEED: Note his black claws and black tipped ears.
Photo by Owen McPolin.

UNLEASH INNER STYLE: Bunsen looks smart in his red collar.
Photo by Owen McPolin.

PUP-ULAR FELLOW: Bunsen impresses all who meet him.
Photo by Owen McPolin.

Bunsen's owners did everything that is advised if you are getting a puppy from a breeder - they contacted a reputable breeder who invited them to see the puppies with their parents in their happy home environment. Sadly, many puppies are bred in terrible conditions in puppy mills. For advice on what to take into consideration when getting a puppy, click here for advice from Irish Cavelier Rescue.

ICKLE PICKLE: Bunsen and myself. Photo by Himself.

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