Monday, January 2, 2012

Wall to wall photo opportunities

Took these photos on a New Year's Eve walk of the Great South Wall beside the Pigeon House. One of my favourite places to go for a windy walk. Driving past the grimy industrial district is worth it to get to the historic sea wall and the Poolbeg Lighthouse at its end. Good for views of ferries and cargo ships too if you're into that kind of thing, which I am!

POWER WALKING: The view of the ESB station at the Pigeon House from the halfway point of the South Wall.
STUCK BETWEEN A DOCK AND A HARD PLACE: A warning to walkers about high tides scribbled at the swimming club building which marks the halfway point. It reads 'We got stuck out here because we didn't check the tide times'. I like the way the days are crossed out on the top left.
RED CARPET: One of the buildings at the half-way point of the Great South Wall.  The northside of Dublin Port is in the left foreground.

STARRING ROLL: Mr T and his roller make an appearance on the back of the building above. Container ships are docked in the background.

PULL ME CLOSE: An old pulley near the Poolbeg Lighthouse. A friend got engaged at this very spot recently. 
OH BOUY: The view of Dublin in the distance from the side of the lighthouse
LIGHT UP, LIGHT UP: The Poolbeg Lighthouse. Not sure what this graffiti/artwork means but perhaps it was inspired by the porthole windows on ships.

HE'S A KEEPER: The back of the Poolbeg Lighthouse. Looks like a friendly cartoon character.

SEE SEA SHELLS BY THE SEA SHORE: The shells on a small beach beside the Great South Wall.


  1. Really love these photos - Aoife

  2. A hidden Dublin gem I'm surprised more people don't know about. Ssssh keep it a secret like a certain pub with a certain snug in it in the Dublin 8 area.

  3. Thanks Aoife! Macdara, do you mean the emm Ooyal Rak?