Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Treasure trail: Font and type maps of Ireland

UPDATE: A very humorous map of Ireland has been brought to my attention (thanks for the tip-off, Caitríona).

One day last year RTÉ 2FM's Rick O'Shea asked listeners: which questions would you put on an Irish citizenship test? Twitter went into overdrive and the talented team at Fluffy Button later selected 99 of the funniest responses with the #citizenshiptest hashtag to create this gorgeous A2 poster. It costs just €9 (plus postage) and half the proceeds go to the charity Médicins Sans Frontieres.

My Eoghan is always giving out to me for buying too many prints and posters, but he can't possibly be angry when the #citizenshiptest poster arrives through the letterbox, as one of his tweets is featured on it!

Eoghan,, suggested:
Emotions are a) things that should be talked about b) things Americans have
(He's down near Limerick on the map!)

Other gems include:
  • Do you live in mortal fear of leaving the immersion on?
  • You need to get a relative to hospital urgently. Do you a) Ring an ambulance or b) Ring Liveline
  • When you're telling someone a great yarn and they implore you to "Stop", do you a) Stop or b) Keep going with gusto?
  • Pronounce 'The Taoiseach and the Tánaiste met Tadhg and Caoimhe on Aungier Street between the Dáil and Ranelagh'
  • How many g's are in 'ham sandwich'?
  • If a feature on RTÉ News reports that an incident took place at tea time, what time did the incident take place?
  • You see someone famous. Do you a) Approach them for a picture or b) Ignore them You wouldn't give them the satisfaction.

Forget confusing grid references or silly symbols, an eye-catching font is all you need for a well-designed map.

Here's maps of Ireland like you or your old Folen's geography book have never seen them before.

Just type in your destination:

GREEN ISLE: This digitally printed map of Ireland by Etsy's Fontmap (above and below) showcases the 32 counties in punchy citrus brights. Sized to fit A3 frames, it costs approx €24.52 plus delivery. Unfortunately, Laois has become Leix.

PLACE FAME: Is your hometown on this detailed type map of Ireland (available in sheer slate and deep sea green, above and below) by the excellent team at Bold & Noble? I can vouch for the high quality of their prints, having purchased their Ireland and UK type map before they created the Ireland-only version. Approx €51.70 plus postage. Fits into IKEA frames.

NO SHORTCUTS HERE: Jane Steger-Lewis of the gorgeous I Love Mayo painstakingly cut this Papercut Map of Ireland (featuring birds and shamrocks) by hand over the course of the month. It costs just €22 thanks to the current post-Christmas sale (usual price €35) plus postage and packing and suits IKEA's Virserum Frame. Custom colours are available at a higher price.

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