Friday, January 6, 2012

A Luas connection?

Back in the days before electronic destination signs, bus, tram and train drivers had to yank the relevant placenames into view using blinds and scrolls.

Vintage transport signage (particularly those featuring London and New York boroughs) have become very popular in the interiors world in recent years, with many companies re-creating them and offering personalised options.

However, I had to laugh when I stumbled upon this offering from Etsy shop GoingUnderground (which produces subway art with beautiful typography at reasonable prices).

VIA WHERE? Dublin's Luas lines seem a lot more glamorous (and interconnected) in these beautifully produced posters. They measure 11" by 17" and cost approx €38 plus delivery for the set of three.
Photo: GoingUnderground on Etsy

Based in New York (and therefore too far away to know about the short-sightedness of previous transport planning in this country), I'm guessing that GoingUnderground don't realise our two Luas lines are not connected (unless you count the little man walking from one to the other in the official Luas map below).

The poster on the left features Red Line stations only (though in random order), while the middle and right have a mixture of both Green and Red Line stations.

Much as I'd like to get to Dundrum via James as per the poster on the right, I don't think that this will be an option for a very many number of years (the Luas BXD line is due to begin construction in 2015).

And as someone who uses the Red Line, I don't think I have any particular sentimental reason for wanting to be reminded of my local stops such as Suir Road, or indeed Balally on the Green Line. 

The two Luas lines opened in 2004 complete with electronic destination signs, so lack the historical aspect of the shop's other offerings, such as the gorgeous red posters below.

JOURNEY THROUGH TIME: I love some of the placenames on this scroll, particularly the first two on the poster on the left. A set of three San Francisco scrolls is also approx €38 plus delivery for the set of three.
Photo: GoingUnderground on Etsy

It would be a nice idea to re-create the scrolls of the long defunct Harcourt to Bray rail line. The destruction of this transport link in the 1950s was extremely short-sighted and it cost millions to rebuild sections of it for the Luas Green Line.


  1. HI SORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
    Nach fánach an áit a gheofá breac. Tréaslaím leat do bhlag is do theach is do chuid suime sa drochimeartas focal. Nár laga Dia thú. SGF.

    *Ironic. Copyright,used without permission.

  2. Ian,
    Grma! Focal thuas! Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin... beidh orm cúpla leagan nua Gaeilge a chumadh!
    Ádh mór!