Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eat your art out: St. Valentine's Day

When I worked as a sub-editor, I collected puns for seasonal events. My Gmail has a folder full of them. Given the month that's in it, I thought I would dust off the St. Valentine's Day collection.

Instead of sending a card (if you're into that/feel obliged to), it might be nice to get a beautiful print instead. Having something framed on the wall is a more permanent reminder of love than flowers or chocolate (plus it will provide a handy excuse for never bothering with cards again).

Here's a selection of three truly lovely artworks (all of which fit into standard frames, eliminating heartbreak at the framers):

RED LETTER DAY: By Bold&Noble, the My Heart in Raspberry Sorbet (approx €52 plus postage) is wonderfully intricate. It even has bunnies and butterflies. The hand-pulled screen print is also available in Duck Egg Blue. There are lots of other gorgeous romance-themed prints in the Love Collection (all heart the environment as each one is printed on 100 per cent recycled paper)
LUST FOR TYPE: Inspired by the letterpress collection at the National Print Museum, the Love print was originally drawn by hand by Jane Steger-Lewis of the appropriately named I Love Mayo. It costs €21.95 plus postage and packing.
WEDDING WINGS? The limited edition Lovebirds giclee print (€34) by Yellowhammer, aka Irish artist Alan Nagle, is available from his Etsy shop and from the Irish Design Shop

Wondering what those puns were? Here's the full list:
  • eat your heart out
  • feasting on romance
  • love bites
  • passion fashion
  • wear your heart on your sleeve
  • ace of hearts
  • It's Valentime
  • kiss me, cupid
  • lust the two of us

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